L3RP Construction Tour Underlines Importance of Engagement on Critical Energy Infrastructure Projects

August 10, 2017

HARDISTY, AB — On Thursday, Aug. 10, 2017, Enbridge hosted a Line 3 Replacement Program (L3RP) construction right-of-way tour for a number of federal, provincial, and municipal leaders, including Premier Rachel Notley.

Enbridge announced the launch of construction in Canada on Aug. 3 and it is now underway in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Wisconsin. L3RP represents the largest capital project in Enbridge history and has benefited from the most extensive engagement program ever undertaken by the company. Enbridge is committed to early and meaningful engagement and since the project first launched in 2014, the company has sought input from landowners and tenants, Indigenous communities and groups and the public. The input received from thousands of in-person meetings, open houses, presentations, workshops and trade shows resulted in hundreds of modifications to the project. This open and meaningful exchange of ideas allowed Enbridge to strengthen the relationships the company has built during its 60-plus years of operating this pipeline, and build new ones.

Enbridge has negotiated agreements with approximately 70 Indigenous communities or groups and executed agreements with 100% of the right-of-way landowners, as well as gaining the support of the Canadian Association of Energy and Pipeline Landowner Associations (CAEPLA).

The L3RP involves the replacement of 1,660 kilometers of existing pipe with modern pipe materials utilizing modern construction methods—resulting in restoration of one of Enbridge’s primary pipelines along its Mainline crude oil system.< /p>

Spanning from Hardisty, Alberta to Gretna, Manitoba, the $5.3-billion Canadian portion of the L3RP enhances safety, creates thousands of jobs, generates hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue, and contributes billions to the GDP of Canada via direct, indirect, and induced benefits.

The full backgrounder and statements are available in PDF format here