Enbridge initiated this summer several studies, inspections and maintenance project along the dual pipelines of Line 5 in the Straits

August 30, 2017

Aug. 30, 2017

One of the studies, which will run mid-August through mid-September 2017, includes assessing the impact of aquatic organisms, such as mussels, attached to the outer portion of Line 5 and an inspection of the enamel coating in various locations. Results from the August aquatic organism study will not be available for several weeks following the completion of the study; however, during the course of the associated inspection of the pipelines enamel coating, Enbridge has confirmed two locations containing small areas where there is pipeline without coating. A third location also has a possible small area of bare metal which is still being evaluated. None of the areas involve where delamination of the outer wrap over the coating had been observed.

There is no visual evidence of any corrosion or impact on the integrity of the pipe or the safe operation of the dual pipelines. The Line 5 pipelines at the Straits are protected with redundant systems including the enamel coating, cathodic protection, and internal and external integrity inspections.

Enbridge will repair these sections of coating immediately following the completion of all sampling and coating inspections, and after obtaining any necessary permits.  
The findings underscore the effectiveness of Enbridge’s monitoring and maintenance program, which continues to exceed federal standards and reflects Enbridge’s commitment to Michigan and safe pipeline operations. Enbridge is proud that its safety management program worked as intended to identify and address promptly a concern and that the dual pipelines remain in excellent condition.