One step in the journey: NEB recommends approval of Line 3 Replacement Program, with conditions

April 25, 2016

April 25, 2016

Enbridge is pleased with the announcement today that the National Energy Board (NEB) has recommended the Line 3 Replacement (L3R) Program be approved, subject to 89 project-specific conditions. This represents an important step in the regulatory process of this important maintenance project. We are reviewing the conditions now.

In a statement released today, the NEB noted that “the Project will replace an aging pipeline with new pipeline constructed to modern standards and therefore make an existing pipeline safer.” 

Enbridge has engaged with more than 150 Indigenous communities and groups since we first announced the project, and we will continue to do so going forward. Enbridge continues to work hard to help ensure communities along the right of way realize economic benefits that will come with construction of the project, including Indigenous business opportunities, employment and training programs in all three Prairie provinces.

We remain committed to maintaining strong, mutually beneficial relationships with Indigenous and other communities.

The Line 3 Replacement Program is an essential safety and maintenance project involving the replacement of all remaining segments of our Line 3 pipeline between Hardisty, AB and Superior, WI. As part of the project, all segments of the line will be replaced with new pipe using the latest available high-strength steel and coating technology, while the existing segments will be removed from operation.

We also continue to work through regulatory processes in the U.S. The anticipated in-service date for this project is 2019, pending U.S. regulatory and Canadian government approvals.

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