Enbridge's energy infrastructure growth projects

Find out more about our growth projects—including crude oil and liquids pipelines, renewables, and natural gas pipelines and processing—that will help keep North Americans on the move.

Enbridge's Public Awareness Program

Keeping in touch with our neighbors is very important to us. That’s why we contact communities, landowners, emergency responders, and other groups near our pipelines and facilities on an ongoing basis.

An interactive experience: Our North American assets map

Check out our interactive map encompassing the full scope of Enbridge's North American energy infrastructure—oil and gas pipelines, wind farms, solar projects, distribution systems, and more.

Enbridge in Michigan

Line 5, and Enbridge's other energy pipelines, deliver the products that heat homes and businesses, fuel vehicles, and power industry across the state.

Line 10 Westover Segment Replacement Project

Construction of the Line 10 WSRP was completed in spring 2018, and Line 10 was placed back into service in late April.

The lifecycle of an Enbridge pipeline

With proper design, construction, operation and maintenance, pipelines have a very long life. The safety of people, and protection of the environment, is our top priority throughout the entire pipeline lifecycle.

Safe digging and damage prevention

If you're excavating near a pipeline right-of-way (ROW), you need to call your local toll-free one-call number in either the U.S. or Canada in advance.

Pipeline construction: Safety and the environment
Safety, reliability, and environmental protection are built into Enbridge’s energy infrastructure before, during and after the construction phase.
Enbridge in Wisconsin

Meeting 100 percent of Wisconsin’s refinery capacity needs, Enbridge safely transports the energy needed to fuel our lives.

Crude oil and liquids pipelines shippers

We offer our customers economy, flexibility, reliability, safety and innovation in delivering their products to market.

Mapping out our growth program, project by project

Check out our interactive map, encompassing the projects—crude oil pipelines, natural gas midstream facliities, wind farms and more— that make up Enbridge's industry-leading growth capital program.

Enbridge's Intelligent Valve Placement (IVP): Illustrations
Isolation valves are used to control or halt the flow of crude oil and other liquids, and represent an invaluable piece of safety equipment on a pipeline system.